Referral Placements

If you are a senior citizen, perhaps a women 75 years +, or a caring family member who has noticed that their aged loved one has suffered a mild decline in their health due to illness, injury, or simply age, let us source a solution for you. Often, when it becomes a challenge for someone to maintain their own home, and frequently they need help with bathing and/or dressing, a family-oriented smaller scale center may be a good solution.

Beyond senior care

Also, not all assisted living residents are senior citizens, often young people who have impaired mental abilities or cognitive challenges are ALF candidates, and can greatly benefit from the support. Hence, there is a distinct need beyond senior care for ALF’s that cater to young people that may have mental disabilities or are recovering from addiction or other related mental illnesses.

Our key philosophy

The key philosophy behind our referral program is to source residences that offer stimulating environments, and provide care that empowers seniors (and young people in specific circumstances) to live as independent and fulfilling a life as possible, while attentively being there to look after their housekeeping, transportation, medical needs, toileting, dressing, and cooking.

Senior yoga