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Assisted4LivingInc. serves two purposes, the first is to source out quality Florida-based Assisted Living Centers, and refer folks to them as needed. We have extensive industry contacts within the Assisted Living community and can ensure that our clients and their families find the right placement that fits their needs. We also help mentor and promote the Assisted Living industry to individuals or private groups that wish to enter and operate within the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) space. We have the experience and the know-how to guide rookie groups through all of the logistical and regulatory steps that are required to get an Assisted Living Centre going. The ALF field is an exciting industry with a wealth of opportunity. As the demographic of our society ages, the demand for our services only grows, and it is a fulfilling and worthwhile vocation.

If you are a senior or young person who is in need of an assisted living placement, or if you are an individual or group that is interested in entering the Assisted Living field, look no further than Assisted4Living as your touchstone resource.

House care facility

Setting Up Your Own ALF

In terms of setting up your own ALF, there is a myriad of steps that one must navigate through to properly set up a residence, and these range from: licensing, to building codes, medical care requirements, staffing, and industry regulations. Assisted2Live is designed to mentor prospective ALF clients and walk them through every step of the start-up process. We will also work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that your facility gets off to a proper and sustainable start.

The key behind Assisted4Living is to facilitate the growth of residences that offer stimulating environments, and provide care that empowers seniors (and young people in specific circumstances) to live as independent and fulfilling a life as possible, while attentively being there to look after their housekeeping, transportation, medical needs, toileting, dressing, and cooking.

Smaller, Family Oriented Projects

We are focused on promoting smaller, more family oriented projects. An assisted living center can have as few as 4 residents and be structured around a real family-oriented culture. Keeping a ALF from 4-16 residents can maintain that personal home-style touch that many seniors are looking for. Hence, we are structuring our services to target this area and view it as a real growth opportunity. The barriers to developing a small-scale ALF project are also less than if you were to construct and go through all the regulatory steps of a larger, more industrial-sized project.


Whatever your needs, we can find the center that is right for you!

If you are a senior or young person with special needs and are looking for detailed information on quality Assisted Living centers near you, we have you covered. In addition to helping new comers enter the Florida AFL field, we also work hard to help place clients in superior residences that adhere to our philosophy of care. We believe in placing our referrals in family-oriented centers that give residents a real sense of purpose, community, and belonging.