Assisted Living Start-ups

The ALF industry is a rapidly growing field and the aging demographics of the population works in its favor. There are approximately one million seniors in the USA who are currently residents of an Assisted Living Facility. And the numbers are expected to grow as our aging population reaches the point where they begin to experience declines in their personal and/or mental health. ALF residences offer people with mild health problems a unique environment in which to live. The facilities are often tailored to provide a real home-like atmosphere where residents enjoy all the creature comforts they are accustomed to, with the advantage of being in a stimulating social community. They also can receive medical supervision and minor medical care, along with providing essential daily-living help that is often so desperately needed

Woman with nurse

Who is it for?

A typical assisted living resident is a senior citizen (mostly women 75 years +), who suffered a mild decline in their health due to illness, injury, or simply due to old age. Often, it is challenge for them to maintain their own home, and frequently they need help with bathing and/or dressing. However, not all assisted living residents are senior citizens, often young people who have impaired mental abilities or cognitive challenges are ALF candidates, and can greatly benefit from the support. Hence, there is a distinct market beyond senior care for ALF’s that cater to young people that may have mental disabilities or are recovering from addiction or other related mental illnesses.

Let us help you get started

If this sounds like an appealing industry for you and you wish to enter the field, let us do the heavy lifting on your behalf. The Company will source Florida properties on your behalf and either lease or purchase them. We will also engage with various regulatory agencies to take care of licensing, and make necessary renovations to comply with regulations from agencies such as Emergency Management and the Florida Department of Health. Staff will be sourced and trained and residents will be found and placed. The concept will be to turn over to you a fully licensed, staffed, and populated center. You will be given the opportunity to purchase the business and the property, or simply the business. We are flexible to your needs and are there to help.

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